the band

The Nearer to God Band is:

Alex Abuyuan - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synth

Kim Krug - Director, vocals, keyboards

Billy Naragon and Luke Zengel - drums

Larry Cartolano ("The Professional") - bass, fretless bass, 8 string bass

George Zengel - bass

Bob Hocks - acoustic guitar

Ann Smith - Flute

Kaydee Guilburt - Flute

Peter Willis - Sax, Flute

Sara Brockman - vocals

Raquel Von Handorf - vocals

Lisa Lambdin - vocals

Sharon Bengel - vocals

Vicki Wissel - vocals

Angela Nordmeyer - vocals

Jeff Bengel & James Bengel - sound engineers


Had a great time recently hanging out with our buddies MercyMe (Bart Millard, lead singer - far right):



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